Convent of San Esteban
Convent of San Esteban

The Dominican order settled in Salamanca in 1255 during the Spanish Reconquista.

On the old site, they built a primitive convent that was finally enlarged in 1524 to give birth to the current cathedral.

The convent of San Esteban has a style known as Plateresque Gothic, typical of the Catholic Monarchs and the pre-Renaissance period, which is inspired by the fusion of Gothic decorative ornamentation with Arabic style.

According the history, Christopher Columbus stayed in this convent during its construction. His objective was to defend the theory of the possibility to reach India by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in front of the geographers of the University of Salamanca.

It is currently used as the canonical headquarters of Salamanca and offers tourist visits with the possibility of seeing the cloister of kings.


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