Roman bridge of Salamanca
Roman bridge of Salamanca

The Tormes Bridge is a Roman bridge that gives access to the city of Salamanca. Its construction date is not known with precision but it is believed to have been ordered by the Emperor Augustus in the 27 BC, which makes it a bimillenary monument.

As a bridge that could support heavy chariots of materials, it was believed in Rome and ancient Greece that the builder of the bridge was Hercules. Later historical researches mention that the bridge was rebuilt with concrete by reinforcing the supporting pillars so it could support the entry of many travelers at the same time.

During the 17th century, the bridge was rebuilt due to a geographical feature of the river. Nowadays, the bridge preserves the two parts: the Roman and the Hispanic, popularly known as the old bridge and the new bridge.

At the end of the 19th century, the bridge was widened with the arrival of the first automobiles, using iron as a support and reinforcement material, making it the most important bridge at the entrance to the city.


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